Workspace Benchmark Report 2022

The Future of Work is Changeng

Positioning in transition

What sort of buildings will we need in the future? What fitout will they need given that flexibility and shared spaces are playing an increasingly important role?  How can we plan amidst uncertainty?


The Drees & Sommer Workspace Benchmark Report 2022 describes the status quo of work environments and presents approaches that will allow us to develop New Work for the new normal. It provides IT, real estate and HR managers with a status report and shows how other companies are handling current and future challenges – and highlights approaches they themselves can take.

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1 Report
4 Key findings
5 Kapitel chapters with facts and figures
23 pages of thought-provoking ideas
230 participants from companies
20 different sectors

Find out more about what will be important in the future world of work to ensure employee wellbeing and productivity.


What’s changed in the last year? Download our first Workspace Benchmark Report 2021 here.



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