Customized Smart Buildings connects people-oriented and sustainable construction

Asset and sustainability management faces a series of challenges. Increasing regulations and an aging population are casting their shadow ahead and will affect the entire construction sector in the Netherlands. Managing by control alone is no longer sufficient; active involvement and proactive thinking and acting are necessary to be prepared for the future. 

Expert Talk "Customized Smart Buildings"
Drees & Sommer Netherlands is organizing the Expert Talk "Customized Smart Buildings" on  February 29 . This event will focus on presentations, workshops and discussions about the solutions that intelligent IT infrastructure in buildings can offer. Speakers are some of Dreso’s experts: Minu Tegethoff (Leading Consultant Digitization)Marco Villares (Sustainability Consultant) and Salla Lardot (Senior UX Consultant). Language of this Expert Talk is English.

Smart technology for better, more efficient and sustainable building
"Customized Smart Buildings offer a solution to future-proof building," explains Minu Tegethoff, Leading Consultant Digitization at Drees & Sommer. "There is an intersection between human well-being, sustainability and technology. An intelligent IT infrastructure is a crucial link between human-centered and sustainable design: smart technology delivers numerous tangible benefits to organizations. Adaptable and responsive buildings will not only help understand what users need and how to operate efficiently, but also how to build better in the future. Digital tools take the user experience to the next level, make staff work more dynamic, promote meticulous and highly efficient building management, and thus encourage more sustainable practices."

Outstanding sustainability performance with Smart Buildings
Marco Villares, Sustainability Consultant, adds that regulatory requirements and sustainability reporting obligations will continue to increase in the coming years. As a Sustainability Consultant, he sees a clear role for smart technology: "IT can meticulously capture all kinds of data about the use of a building. In the context of ESG reporting, that alone is very valuable. At the same time, smart technology is a good management and steering tool; it is a strategic technology solution that makes sustainability insightful. Custom-built Smart Buildings provide proof of compliance with regulations to produce buildings with outstanding sustainability performance and can exceed sustainability requirements."

The social factor in ESG
With the increasing focus on the social factor, the S in ESG, user-centered design is also getting a clear focus, according to Senior UX Consultant Salla Lardot. "UX, the user experience, is an important factor in the context of sustainability and future-proofing. When you go through the user journey, you get past the pain points. In my experience, some of these can be solved with smart technology. This is interesting for both the building owner and the user. Whether it's students and staff in a school building, employees in an office building or seniors with or without care needs in a residential environment."

Inspiring discussions and workshops
In the Expert Talk Customized Smart Buildings organized by Drees & Sommer on Thursday afternoon February 29 at the Keilepand in Rotterdam, the various facets of intelligent buildings will be discussed. In a series of fascinating presentations, Minu Tegethoff, Marco Villares and Salla Lardot will touch on the interfaces between technology, sustainability and human well-being. Mini-workshops will then delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities of ESG, user-centered development and smart technology. Language of the meeting is English.

Marco Villares explores environmentally conscious design principles, renewable energy solutions and strategies to reduce the carbon footprint in the built environment, with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable built environment. In her presentation, Salla Lardot will take attendees on a fictional user journey and show how intelligent spaces can promote well-being, productivity and a sense of community among users. Minu Tegethoff's presentation and workshop will focus on the redefinition of buildings: buildings are not just structures but living entities that adapt and respond to the needs of their occupants. Minu will talk about the latest trends in smart building systems for optimal operational efficiency and translate into smart investment strategies.

Panel discussion with interesting take-aways
The Expert Talk will conclude with a panel discussion led by Daphne Gielesen, Managing Director for Drees & Sommer Netherlands in which concrete solutions to the key challenges in Customized Smart Buildings will be reviewed. The Expert Talk is freely accessible after registration. Detailed information and the registration form are available here on our website.


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