Master planning and order definition for your healthcare property

Master planning and order definition for your healthcare property

In strategic operational and organisational planning, our experts first analyse the operational orientation and structural conditions of your hospitals, clinics or other healthcare buildings and assess the status quo. On this basis, we draw up an operational and structural master plan and target planning.

Site planning and master planning

The utilisation flexibility and capacity of the site and existing buildings are determined on the basis of a process-based and infrastructural inventory. New buildings, renovations and conversions are included in the considerations and objectives of the ideal and future orientation of your healthcare facility under the premise of optimal process organisation. This requires a holistic approach in order to be able to react in a future-orientated, economically sound and flexible manner to constantly changing requirements in the healthcare system.

Questions that we solve together with you:


  • Supply strategy
  • Utilisation strategy/requirements, flexibility
  • Operational master planning
  • Investment planning


  • Site strategy and strategic reserves
  • Structural master planning
  • Utilisation concept
  • Property strategy
  • Project strategy

Order definition

The basis for patient-orientated and efficient service provision is the building's structural design. Structured target planning derived from future operational requirements forms the foundation for long-term success on the hospital market. The standardised room programming derived from the core business forms the core of a stable order.



Choosing the right realisation model

Depending on the project objectives, stability of the order, willingness to take risks and resources, there are further opportunities in the choice of a suitable realisation model. The spectrum here ranges from newer models such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and the familiar total service competition with a total contractor to models consisting of general planner (GP) and general contractor (GC) through to individual service models.

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The entire healthcare sector – both individual hospitals and hospital groups, along with other health facilities, such as care homes and outpatient centers – faces radical change as the result of a number of factors. Our products and solutions address the challenges confronting the sector and help ensure the success of operator projects. Regardless of their differences, all our products have one thing in common: They feature an economical, digital, sustainable and innovative combination of components.