We support you with strong migration planning for your hospital project

Strong migration management for hospital projects

A successful migration is based on timely implementation. The transfer from the previous environment in the old hospital building to the new operating environment in the new building is a major challenge for everyone involved and often also means a mental change in many places.

Change Management

A new building is often accompanied by new structures and working methods. For successful implementation in the future operation and building, those involved should be involved in the changes at an early stage in order to shape and/or process them together. This is the only way to ensure efficient operational management in the new building from "Day 1" onwards, as well as maintaining employee satisfaction and patient well-being. Our occupational psychologists have the necessary knowledge and experience to accompany you through your change.




Inventory, replacement and relocation

The inventory of medical technology and other equipment is the basis for procurement and relocation planning. We take the necessary steps with you in good time, from evaluating the right tool for the inventory to moving the last item to be relocated and, if necessary, its commissioning/validation.



Construction and operational trial operation until the first patient

A trial run and simulation of future processes are essential for sound preparation for the start of operations. The processes must be well established within the team and the organisation before the "first patient" is received and operations in the new environment can begin. With our interdisciplinary project teams, consisting of project managers, planners, engineers and employees with a hospital background (nursing, doctors, cross-sectional services, etc.), we can provide you with suitable support.



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