The Drees & Sommer corporate philosophy consists of nine statements that express how we think, how we work together, and what sets us apart.



The Drees & Sommer corporate philosophy consists of eight statements that express how we think, how we work together, and what sets us apart. The first statement (VALUE GUARANTEED) shows what we achieve. The following five statements explain how we do this:

  • By acting ethically (SUCCESS WITH INTEGRITY).
  • By giving our employees adequate scope (GOOD IDEAS – NO LIMITS).
  • By assuming a leadership role in the marketplace (LEADING THE WAY).
  • By retaining our partnership-based company structure (INDEPENDENT TOGETHER).
  • By taking pride in success with our clients (PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE).

We also say where we provide our services (GLOBALLY LOCAL) and look to the future (INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE).

BLUE IS BOUNDLESS – our 9th Statement – is also our Diversity Statement. Diversity inspires and enriches our work. 

Each statement has two dimensions. What it means for our clients and what it means for our employees.

Diversity at Drees & Sommer

Right mix. Real value. What’s right for our projects is also right for the people who work on them. Our goal is to fill every position with a person who is qualifed for it through their dedication and ability. This results in teams that are highly diverse. And together, they achieve the best results – they enjoy their work and take pleasure in our clients’ success.


Drees & Sommer has been certified in accordance with the internationally recognized quality management standard ISO 9001 since 1995.

Our occupational health and safety policy provides the framework for measures to ensure employee safety. We have established an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS), which is based on the internationally recognized ISO 45001 standard, to ensure overall coordination of all relevant elements and measures.