10 Theses for the construction and real estate industry

Artificial intelligence and generative AI, virtual worlds, green cities, sustainability, data: What will our world look like in ten years? Which trends will prevail, and which innovations will simplify our everyday lives in the future?


These are matters of concern for people and industry worldwide – and the construction and real estate industry is also faced with the dual challenge of keeping up with developments while also driving them forward. With five years’ experience and accumulated expertise, the Drees & Sommer Innovation Center observes general technology trends and future scenarios in order to develop theses and new business models for the construction and real estate industries.

As nothing is as constant as change, we have updated the 10 Theses. New trends, such as the development of the metaverse, have been added, while others have been condensed or expanded. At Drees & Sommer, our primary goal is to create a sustainable future and ensure intergenerational equity. Beneficial Business forms the basis for innovation and our ten theses for the future. In Beneficial Companies, corporate success does not come at the expense of the environment, but rather supports the environment. They are profitable because they benefit the environment, not because they exploit it. Digital, environmentally friendly and socially engaged: these aspects form the basis for the future theses of the construction and real estate industry.

On the following pages, you can read about the developments that await us in the coming decade and how we can achieve our goals through the use of new technologies and trends, and with innovative partnerships and collaborations.

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