Coworking office space, micro-living, glamping, tiny houses – hybrid concepts are popping up all over the place and turning the tourism industry on its head. But where are we really going from here? Is the trend towards luxury or will there be a preference for regional, down-to-earth nature-oriented experiences in future? What do travelers expect of their destinations and what are the opportunities for medium-sized hotels?

Our experts examined these and other questions in detail at the Digital Impact event with the theme ‘Hybrid concepts and new destinations in the hospitality industry’ hosted jointly with the Swiss architectural and design office Monoplan and the Swiss consulting firm M-Estate.

Exciting keynote speeches by our top speakers – Marc O. Benkert, CEO and cofounder of Salt & Rocks Management and Licensing Company, Jan Garde, founder and owner of THE EMBASSIES OF GOOD LIVING, and Jörg Lindner, Managing Partner of 12.18. Investment Management / Lindner Group – addressed the topics and offered wide-ranging insights.

Everyone agreed that the coronavirus pandemic is having a massive impact on the hospitality sector. Demand for regional holiday destinations accessible by car is increasing, and digitization is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Hotels can no longer afford not to provide services such as contactless online check-in and fast and stable Wi-Fi. Rather, these are services that are increasingly taken for granted by customers, but which do not attract guests.

More and more travelers long for individuality and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. For stories that they can tell and that will be long remembered. This is a trend that, while not new, is gaining momentum as a result of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Monotonous everyday life arouses the urge to discover, and a desire for new experiences. Our experts agree this is the way that tour operators and hotels must go in order to secure and expand their market position in the future.

Be it private or business trips, excursions or long-haul travel – a well-conceived concept that tells a story and inspires with its uniqueness is the right recipe for sustainable growth.

Agility, authenticity, and vision:

This means being courageous in implementation and looking beyond the end of one’s nose. Inspiration has many facets, and we must be open today to future developments that we have not yet begun to consider.