The Corona crisis is forcing individuals and entire industries to rethink. In the construction sector, for example, it is currently not possible to sit around the table with all project participants and discuss future task distributions. How to deal with this? Say "Challenge accepted" or dispense with structured collaboration altogether? In Integral Construction Management, many processes that some companies are only now dealing with are prerequisites from the very beginning.

Virtual collaboration can be instructive and helpful, but exhausting. If it is not clear from the start of a project who is responsible for which tasks, this can limit the effectiveness of a team. It becomes even more problematic when stakeholders share their documents and information across multiple communication channels. In Integral Construction Management, a joint kick-off meeting serves to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

The team decides jointly on responsibilities and defines communication channels in a process-oriented manner. The project goal is also clearly defined. After all, knowing where the journey is to go strengthens the team character and provides orientation for the individuals. Pictures help to simplify complicated structures: A visualized process map links project phases and competencies. And that is a prerequisite for structured and complete execution. 

Systematic organization, consistent processes and well-defined communication

at the seams.

  • Organization: Prepare and set up the project before the kick-off.
  • Communication: take on moderation and mediation and establish communication channels and rules.
  • Processes: Set up the project cleanly from the start and ensure quality in the project on a recurring basis (internal construction process management).

In online teams, parties no longer meet each other directly. One risk is that this means they talk less often about their progress and problems. The result: important milestones take a back seat or are implemented twice. It makes all the more sense to view planning and technology not as separate professions, but as keys that lock together in a common lock.

Integral construction management stands for performance from a single source that thrives on the mutual balance of all parties involved. On the one hand, it is a matter of implementing the client's requirements professionally and economically. On the other hand, it is important to realize the design and architectural requirements in a high-quality manner.

In Integral Construction Management, all parties work together to find a common understanding of how to solve the tasks and to create uniform standards. As a result, the construction project is consistently successful, economical and of high quality - from the loading of the first building block to the removal of the last crane.

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Thanks to the merger of Gassmann + Grossmann Baumanagement GmbH with Drees & Sommer SE, our customers receive complete solutions. This is what we call "from a single source". We continue to work on expanding and networking our service portfolio into a fully comprehensive construction management service. Today, we provide our customers with a wide range of efficient and standardized service modules, the scope and characteristics of which can be tailored to individual needs.

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