We are a ‘team of teams’ with employees from many different professional groups.


We put together a project team of people with the appropriate competencies for the project.


The competencies are designed to ensure successful consulting, planning and implementation for different products and solutions.


We tailor the products and solutions to the needs of our customers in different industries.


A plus sign is more than just two intersecting lines. And a project with Drees & Sommer is more than simply successful. It is sustainable, digital, cost-efficient and innovative – because these are the four aspects we emphasize in every project we undertake. That may be more than many expect. But it’s what every customer gets from us.


Pudong Art Museum in Shanghai category_15 Cultural Facilities country_7 Property Companies country_2 China
LIFECYCLE ANALYSIS OF CORPORATE BUILDING STANDARD category_7 Residential Buildings country_12 Residential Properties country_4 Germany
VICTORIA PARK/MINERVA PARK, Hamburg category_13 Quarters & Developments country_4 Germany
Multidimensional Trauma Sciences category_10 Educational & Research Institutions country_9 Life Sciences, Pharma country_11 Public Sector country_4 Germany
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Drees & Sommer is your innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation. The leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has supported private and public clients and investors for 50 years in all aspects of real estate and infrastructure – both analog and digital.