Application submitted – then what? Obviously, you will want to know what steps are involved in your application. Below you will find an overview of the Drees & Sommer application process.  

Job search

Have you found the right job?

Job vacancies / Unsolicited applications
Application form

You can upload all your application documents on our career portal in just a few steps. You need a complete resumé, a covering letter, graduation certificates, and job references. 

careers website
Telephone interview (optional)

 If we like your application, we start with an optional telephone interview and first questions to find out more about you. We are very happy to answer a few questions you might have for us.  

First interview

Show us who you are – and above all, just be yourself. Feel free to ask lots of questions, because we are also applying to work with you! 

Second interview

If we are both happy by the first interview, we move on to the second, in which we cover any remaining questions and clarify the details of the vacancy.  

Contract interview

Welcome to Drees & Sommer. We look forward to you joining us. You can find out more about starting at the company here: 


Do you have further questions about our application process?

Then have a look at our FAQs.

How can I apply?
How long does it take to submit an application?
What documents do I need for my application?
How do I know if a job advertised on the Internet is still available?
When is the desired start date of the position / For what time horizon are we looking?
How can I find out about vacancies?
Can I submit an unsolicited application?
I am interested in several positions or regional offices. Do I have to apply for each one separately?
When will I receive feedback on my application?
Who can I contact regarding the status of my application?
Do you have any questions about the position?
How can I find out about various training opportunities?
When does training begin?
How long is a training course?
How long do trainees work?
Which vocational schools conduct the training?
What is the closing date for applications for traineeships and courses at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)?
Can I apply after the application closing date?
How are applications processed?
What content is required for my application?
Is Drees & Sommer available as a practice partner for a dual study program?
Can I write my Bachelor’s / Master’s thesis at Drees & Sommer?
How long in advance do I have to apply for an internship or a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis?
How long do internship at Drees & Sommer last?
Does Drees & Sommer offer student jobs?
Does Drees & Sommer offer internships abroad?
How are interns paid?
Do I have to be enrolled at university to do an internship?
What documents do I need to upload for an application for a work-study program?


We want to ensure that you have a pleasant and successful start at Drees & Sommer. And that you quickly feel at home and part of the team. To achieve this, we support you from the very beginning with all the important information you need and help you develop your own Drees & Sommer network.  

Our onboarding processes helps with this:

In addition to your manager, you have a mentor to provide support. Your mentor works in your team or specialist department and helps you with familiarization, provides insights into organizational matters, and explains Drees & Sommer corporate culture. In addition, you will receive a digital guide that provides interactive orientation in addition to the professional and personal training.

But nothing is more important than personal communication.

That’s why we have the following interviews:

  • During the 100-day interview you discuss your first impressions with your manager and get initial feedback.
  • During the annual performance review you and your manager look back at the previous twelve months. You talk about past and future goals, establish new challenges, and explore development opportunities. 
  • An additional onboarding consultation with your HR business partner is offered to professionals with four or more years’ professional experience.
  • We identify employees with special potential and systematically promote their development with the aid of ‘potential analysis’.