All of the participants in the chemicals industry face shared challenges, such as the pressure of digital transformation and costs, production and supply chain optimization and the effects of the EU Green Deal. At the same time, this industry forms the basis for important value creation chains and provides stimulus for numerous innovations. The health and safety requirements and the protection of resources and the environment also play a significant role in the sector.

Drees & Sommer supports clients in their classical CAPEX (green and brownfield) by providing individual services which are tailored to the different types of buildings and industrial plants.


Fine and special chemicals, construction chemicals, paints, adhesives, fertilizers, plant protection, detergents, care products, industrial gases and the mineral oil industry – each of these sectors contains a variety of sub-sectors, and they all come under the term Chemicals. With our products and solutions we help enterprises in this segment to achieve secure and successful projects. Whatever special details apply to the processes and results in each of the different areas, all of our products are secure, economically viable, digital, sustainable and innovative.


The Chemicals team actively participates in selected trade associations of the chemicals sector:

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