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146 units between Heaven and Earth: Ciel et Terre

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The striking building is one of a series of high-rise residential developments currently being built in Düsseldorf and is of great significance not only for the state capital but also for the development of the Central district. Its outward appearance is a special feature, as the architect had the clear aim of creating a facade that shows that the building contains apartments of individual character.

“We are delighted that we have helped get this extraordinary building ready for occupancy. Now its residents can gradually fill it with life,” says Christian Fürwentsches, the Drees & Sommer Director who headed up the project. “One of the challenges we faced was providing additional services mid project, resulting in short timeframes.”

“Drees & Sommer worked with the whole team to ensure the on-schedule completion of our landmark. We are very grateful for their support! The collaboration with Drees & Sommer was at all times trusting and cooperative,” said Ricardo Sanz Mediero of Ara Ubiorum.

The Düsseldorf-based company is one of the investors in the three-part Ciel et Terre residential development on Toulouse Allee. The total living area is 14,975 m². Of the 161 apartments, 98 are in the high-rise and 63 in the plinth buildings.