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Architrave Leading the Way for Standardisation in Document Classification

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For Architrave customers, documentation chaos is a thing of the past thanks to their internationally standardised document classification and extraction system.

Berlin, March 17, 2022. Architrave, in collaboration with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and Drees & Sommer UK will be introducing the first-ever standardised document classification system for the real estate asset management industry in the UK in 2022.

International asset management firms still struggle with organised documentation arising from inconsistent naming conventions at a local, regional and national level. This leads to a loss of resources when the right documents cannot be located easily. However, with the introduction of Architrave’s international document classification standard, asset management firms will be able to easily identify, sort and access their asset documentation across the UK and other supported EU countries. This globally recognisable and comprehensive asset documentation system allows asset managers everywhere to hold and transact assets with ease and transparency.

Architrave, working alongside RICS and Drees & Sommer UK, is leading the way to revolutionise how real estate documentation is handled. This standardised document classification system has already been used for many years in Germany with significant results in reducing time spent on search and access to documentation. “We aim to eliminate chaos arising from the lack of document classification standards,” said Maurice Grassau, CEO of Architrave. “Our clients who have already adopted this standard in Germany have seen significant improvement in their workflows.”

“For many market participants, their commercial real estate data remains unstructured and poorly organised. Initiatives such as this are critical, enabling the power of real estate data to be realised by asset managers working both locally and internationally,” said Andrew Knight, Global Data & Tech Lead, RICS.

“Digitisation of data and process can help make the complex simple and more accurate, and for many years the real estate market has had to deal with a lot of complexity. We are pleased to be working with the Architrave team on a platform that helps clients create a simple, clear and accurate view of their portfolios, and one that is independent in its implementation,“ said Phillip Ratcliffe, Managing Director, Drees & Sommer UK.

Architrave provides a full range of digital products and supporting services to help the real estate asset management industry. The online platform provided by Architrave assists with the complete life cycle asset management, bringing order to documentation, allowing collaboration with both internal and external clients in addition to document sourcing and quality control.

RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. They are ideally placed in international markets that allow for policy change and influence within local marketplaces in order to protect consumers and businesses.

Drees & Sommer SE, headquartered in Stuttgart, has been an innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation for more than 50 years. As the leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise, Drees & Sommer offer a wide range of services for international projects and property interests, maximising the value of their clients’ real estate.

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