Media Release

Drees & Sommer AG’s legal status changed to “Societas Europaea” (SE = European Stock Corporation)

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Company management decided to make this move to properly reflect the enterprise’s growing international positioning and to foster its continued expansion. Hence, the change stands for the company’s entrepreneurial achievements to date. The European Stock Corporation status goes hand-in-hand with Drees & Sommer’s principles, such as the one company vision, its clear functional structures with efficient boards and active authentic entrepreneurship.

The partnership based structure of the Drees & Sommer AG has pursued so successfully, which includes the general shareholder meeting, supervisory board and board of directors, will remain in place. “Thanks to these fundamentals, we are well prepared for the future, in particular in the international context. Moreover, the Societas Europeaea legal status offers us a good platform to emphasize our international standing accordingly” explains Peter Tzeschlock, Chairman of the Drees & Sommer SE Executive Board.