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Drees & Sommer at the Hannover Fair: People – Process – Places

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Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation are creating new specializations, changing production and organizational processes, and bringing about the digital networking of buildings. In their desire to keep pace with these changes, companies often overlook many aspects of analog and digital transformation. What factors are important for shaping the future and what has to change to ensure continued success. Drees & Sommer is bringing together a diverse range of experts for an interdisciplinary dialog at the tech transfer forum on April 26, 2017 to examine these key questions and find solutions. The participants include leading companies such as ABB, ARGUS Cyber Security, bulwiengesa, Cisco Systems, Dronemasters Berlin, ELABO, Robert Bosch GmbH, as well as research institutes such as RWTH Aachen University / Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen Aachen, and Swisslog. The wide range of experts participating highlights the cross-industry relevance of these issues.

The event is divided into three parts and starts with power presentations on the subject of industrial performance. Here the experts will look at how productivity can be increased by means of networked production, logistics and IT solutions. In the second part, presentations on ‘automotive and industrial challenges’ look at shaping the future in the context of E-mobility, cyber security and new digital business models. This is an important area, as developments such as autonomous driving, shared mobility and the smart factory require new approaches on the part of automotive and industrial companies to ensure lasting success and competitiveness. The third round of presentations looks at infrastructure and mobility solutions. Here, the focus will be on innovative siting and infrastructure developments as urban mobility undergoes transformation. As a result of growing sustainability awareness, increasing competition and price pressure – as well as changing requirements – industrial enterprises, in particular, are under pressure to meet the demands of their employees, customers and the environment.

The presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions with the experts and discussions with participants about which aspects of the analog and digital transformation will impact shaping of the future. The panel discussion will be facilitated by Götz Schönfeld and Anke Stadelmeyer from
Drees & Sommer.