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New standards for modern workplaces

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Cologne, May 11, 2021 – evolutiq GmbH, an independent investment management company based in Cologne, today announced plans for the construction of a future-oriented office building in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Renowned partners, such as kadawittfeldarchitektur and planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer, are involved in the project. The goal is to create the Vorum – a prestigious new building with a gross floor area of approximately 20,000 square meters that will accommodate more than 800 workplaces. Located in the immediate vicinity of THE SHIP and the historic Alte Wagenfabrik (Old Carriage Factory), the Vorum will be a further revolutionary element in the vibrant campus. The special feature of the project is that the Vorum is being developed based on the principles of human centric design. This means that it is planned entirely from the users’ point of view and meets requirements for the new work environment.

The design is based on the latest research on the interaction between digital building technologies and human health and well-being. “Our goal is to create an ideal work environment that is fully geared to the needs of the people working in it, giving them a sense of well-being and allowing them to develop,” says the principal, Dr. Oliver Steinki, founder of evolutiq GmbH. As the initiator and one of the principals behind THE SHIP, the revolutionary new building nearby, Dr. Steinki knows how important it is to reconcile the agility of modern everyday work with the building itself. “The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the establishment of hybrid working models that are here to stay. The office is transforming into a place that people primarily regard as a safe setting in which to meet and exchange ideas. That is why we design the work areas in the Vorum as ‘activity-based workspaces’, which our tenants can adapt flexibly as required. We need spaces that inspire us and promote innovation. The Vorum goes a step further towards actively shaping the future work environment,” explains Dr. Steinki.

The clever design of the five-storey building, as well as the elaborate design of the interior, show that the Vorum puts the needs of employees front and center. “A central, light-filled atriumwill create an open, airy atmosphere. This will act as a marketplace for inspiring encounters and lively exchanges during work – a genuine forum, as the name of the property suggests,” explains Kilian Kada, Managing Director of kadawittfeldarchitektur.

New standards for modern workplaces

The Vorum will employ an innovative mix of intelligent digitization, mobility, health and catering concepts to make working there as pleasant and easy as possible. The fitout and furnishings will reflect a modern, sustainable lifestyle. Employees in the building can look forward to a wide range of catering services, including a food court with seasonal specialties and street food, an ice cream parlor, and a digital farm store with regional organic products. An in-house fitness studio and extensive landscaped grounds and terraces will further enhance well-being.

As a smart building, the Vorum also features the latest digitization technologies and IoT sensors. The comprehensively networked building operation system is designed by Drees & Sommer. Here, the planners focus on aspects such as greater amenity, a better working environment, and greater efficiency and satisfaction for the employees in the building. While complying with the strictest data protection guidelines, the Vorum will gradually get to know its users and their needs and respond accordingly. Lighting and air conditioning, for example, will be automatically adjusted to the users’ preferences. The Vorum will offer ideal working conditions and appeal to tenants who put the well-being of their employees first.

The building also takes changes in occupational health and safety requirements into account. For example, it will feature a ventilation system with extra high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that capture up to 99% of aerosols that could contain viruses. The building app will not only provide keyless entry, but can also be used for contactless control of lighting and thermostats. The app will also feature heatmaps that indicate the current utilization of various zones of the building, allowing large concentrations of people to be avoided.

evolutiq has acquired a 9,000 square meter site for the project in the SEGRO industrial park at the intersection of Vitalisstrasse and Vogelsanger Strasse, which is conveniently accessible by autobahn, urban rapid transit and public transport. The project is scheduled for completion in 2024, and marketing of office space has already begun.

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