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Property Industry Masterminds of 2018: Norman Meyer and Björn Bordscheck Receive Award for ‘Asset Check’

© [Translate to English:] bulwiengesa / Drees & Sommer
[Translate to English:] Preisverleihung „Die Köpfe 2018“ (v.l.n.r): Andreas Göppel (Keep Focus Europa), Björn Bordscheck (bulwiengesa), Silvia Hartung (WSP Deutschland AG), Norman Meyer (Drees & Sommer), Frank Druska (Gesobau AG), Helene Böhm (Gesobau AG), Ralf Haase (Ralf Haase Personalberatung); vorne im Bild: Dirk Labusch (Immobilienwirtschaft)

This year again, the awards were presented to people who have made an outstanding contribution to innovation and inspired the real estate sector. The 18 people nominated were taken from among the applications for ZIA’s ‘Innovation Report’ for 2018. The jury consists of leading real estate journalists from Germany. Norman Meyer and Björn Bordscheck were the winners in the category of ‘Masterminds from Companies with 250 Employees or More – Data Management’ for Asset Check. At, retail and public-sector investors, owners, real estate developers or banks can obtain a fast, inexpensive, but also thorough and independent preliminary assessment of real estate properties in different asset classes.

Norman Meyer explained: ‘Receiving the recognition of the jury is proof that we have discovered a real niche with our digital business model. Until now, in Germany an automated yet informative initial assessment of a building was something that could only be dreamed of. With Asset Check, this is exactly what we and bulwiengesa have achieved.’ Björn Bordscheck added: ‘What is unique about Asset Check is that it provides both market data and cost information. These have previously only been available separately. At the click of a mouse, Asset Check delivers data in the form of benchmarks on location, rents, spending power, occupation, and capex (capital expenditure) and opex (operating expenditure).’