With BIM for a start-to-finish victory



What does a racing driver need to be successful? A clear strategy, innovative technologies, well-rehearsed processes and an experienced team. A team that implements a clear strategy, routinely masters the technology and coordinates all processes during the race. The driver is provided with all relevant information at the right time. This allows him to make the right decisions and concentrate on the race. From start to finish.

The whole team dares to keep breaking new ground by changing familiar approaches and implementing them in a more sustainable way. It tries things out and improves them little by little.   

What about construction projects? In fact, it's very similar. It is important to combine existing experience with new technologies. Projects needs a clear plan that makes it possible to react quickly and correctly to unforeseen events. And they need a team that coordinates all processes and data from start to finish. Not a job for lone wolves! This is where we at Drees & Sommer come in: We put a well-coordinated team of multidisciplinary experts at your side. Because projects are only successful if those involved work together in a precisely coordinated manner - and build on a consistent database.

With BIM, we create the best possible results. All relevant processes, data and participants are linked, information is A and quality-assured. In the sense of true Building Information Management, we make the data usable for our clients, from integral planning to the digital construction site to smart operation. From start to finish.

Data management
Integral planning
Digital construction site
Smarter operation

We demonstrate stamina and sprinting qualities in equal measure in all the different tasks – just like our customers.  


Would you like to find out how you can best get started with us and reach  the finish line quickly and safely with your project? Then get in touch with our experts for digital planning/building/operating with BIM!



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