• Cybersecurity
  • IT networks
  • Staff shortage
  • Expertise
  • System diversity
  • Vendor management
  • Multi-cloud management

In addition to these cross-sectoral challenges, there are specific tasks that affect the construction and real estate industry and your company (e.g. for the digital frameworks of smart buildings or solutions for real estate portfolio management).


In three steps, we support you in overcoming your individual challenges. We first carry out a comprehensive, conscientious needs assessment (including due diligence), then offer you strategic advice with solution recommendations based on functional and technical requirements and, thirdly, take care of the planning and implementation of your modern IT architecture.

In doing so, we focus on four specific service areas:

Strategies for cybersecurity

Attacks on the IT architecture of companies and organizations can cause considerable damage and paralyze business processes for painful periods of time. Protecting assets and data from threats is therefore a key task. Our focus is on cybersecurity strategy consulting and joint implementation through a combination of physical and digital measures.

Infrastructure for smart buildings (IT, IoT, and network)

Planning smart buildings, finding and implementing customized solutions, and ensuring optimized operation requires expertise and best practice experience, especially as properties are increasingly expected to communicate with each other in larger neighborhoods or on a campus. Functionality and connectivity are important keywords here. We help you with all processes from planning to commissioning and also in operation.

Web and application development, business intelligence, and data management

Data is the basis and driver of digital business processes. Our support in planning and building web-based and mobile solutions ensures that sound data is available to the right people at the right time and in the right format. We do this by assisting you in the selection and implementation of suitable tools so that you can make the most of your data.

Cloud, infrastructure, and database management

To really make the most of your data, you need a stable IT infrastructure and secure database solutions. We help you plan, build and operate a “DresoCloud,” a platform for the provision of internal and external product, service, and data delivery services.


We know about your real estate-specific challenges because we are also confronted with the same challenges every day. More than 6,000 internal customers across more than 130 locations worldwide rely on our backing, and we do not let them down. What works for us, also works for you, and it is

  • completely manufacture-independent
  • with the best possible, tested and proven hardware and software solution
  • cost-conscious
  • reliable
  • and realistic


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