Invitation to tender and contract award

Preparation and support with contract award

Are you undertaking a construction project and looking for the right skills and trades? Our Drees & Sommer Expert Team ensures fast and competent handling of the invitation to tender and award of contracts for the required services. We analyse and prepare invitations to tender, review and evaluate bids, and assist with the contract award process, whereby we always scrutinize plans for potential savings and possible technical optimization. The creation of BIM tenders based on 5D models is now common practice. 

Preparation of contract award, service phase 6:

We supervise the contract awardprocess for various construction projectsand prepare contract awards for services in cost groups 300 and 500. This includes the drawing up of a contract award schedule that is agreed and coordinated with all project participants. The quantity survey is based on the execution plans, and the service descriptions are then developed from this. By closely consulting with all the trades involved and coordinating the specifications with them, we ensure that nothing is overlooked.


Participation in contract award, service phase 7:

We solicit offers and then examine and evaluate them. During contract award discussions, we negotiate with bidders on behalf of the client and ensure the comparability of all offers. We create a contract award proposal at the end of the award process. Following the principal’s award decision, we support the actual award of contracts. We track costs throughout service phases 6 and 7, and then draw up a cost esimate in service phase 7. For many years now, we have been documenting the production costs of all projects in a database. This allows us to reliably estimate the volume of a construction project as early as the preliminary planning phase.


Range of services

Our range of services includes, as our core competency, all basic and special services in service phases 6 and 7 as per the German Schedule of Services and Fees for Architects and Engineers (HOAI):

  • Buildings and interiors, cost group 300
  • Outdoor facilities, cost group 500

We also support customers with our consulting services and by providing in-process support:

  • Review of plans
  • Scrutiny of external specifications
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Technical optimization
  • Support during the tendering and contract process