When a project falters, it’s often the time for ‘superheroes’ to step in: People who roll up their sleeves and get things done – right in the middle of the troubled project. They turn things around and get the project back on track as quickly as possible. Their approach is rigorous and uncompromising. But the causes of the problems – which vary greatly in nature – are rarely eliminated in the long term. Often, they are the result of many different project participants failing to work together in a coordinated manner. And schedule and cost pressures are also increasing – along with the demand for safety, sustainability and smart technologies. The fact is that building construction and infrastructure projects are becoming increasingly complex. 

So imagine having a management approach that gets everyone in a project or organization working together and that invites them to adapt and constantly improve processes. And imagine a mindset and methodology that is relatively easy to understand, even though it is different from the way we manage today.

Drees & Sommer’s Lean Solutions offer an alternative to the conventional approach to projects and focus on broadening the perspective from a purely resource-oriented view to a ‘flow-oriented’ view – making superhero interventions unnecessary.

Lean Solutions at a glance

Customized Lean Solutions that are right for you

Every company finds itself at a different point on its Lean journey. Many organizations are already familiar with Lean methodologies, so for them it is a matter of understanding and establishing Lean as a culture. Because it is only when people take up their central role and work together in a goal-oriented manner that they can make improvements. At the same time, the construction industry is in a state of transition. The increasing degree of digitization, automation and autonomization is radically changing the nature of construction – and, as a result, the way projects are executed with Lean.

A diverse range of customized solutions is needed that pick an organization up exactly where it is on its path to Lean.

We systematically align processes and the different levels of the organization with project and customer requirements. Whether the project involves real estate, the public sector, production or logistics: Every year, we guide more than 350 Lean projects to success for our customers from a range of sectors. Some Drees & Sommer 150 Lean experts – trained in-house us at our Expert Center – play a key role in achieving these outcomes.

Lean throughout the project Lifecycle

Lean Solutions work in every industry, for projects of all sizes and in every service phase of the project life cycle. We offer the right Lean Solution for your project. And we are neutral when it comes to tools and methodology. To increase schedule stability, we implement a system that leads to basic stability and the long-term stabilization of the processes through visual control, process focus, daily measurability, and the appropriate process organization.

  • Our Lean Solutions for your projects and daily operations help you quickly achieve your first Lean successes.
  • We have just the right Lean solution for your project.
  • We actively support you and take responsibility.
  • We develop customized process models for you, from introduction to long-term establishment.

Embedding lean in the company DNA

Lean is an operational issue. For this reason, it must be integrated into corporate strategy. We change old leadership patterns and empower operational units. In this way, we ensure that the Lean culture permeates our customer companies.

  • We work with you to examine how Lean Solutions operate in your particular situation.
  • We take your employees on a Lean journey by developing appropriate training concepts and offering customized seminars.
  • Attitude and behavioral change require special attention on the path to Lean culture – and we are happy to work with you on this.
  • Workplace design and Lean culture go hand in hand – so we transfer New Work concepts to your internal processes. 

Your lean project with us: From analysis to implementation

For us, consulting does not mean simply conducting an analysis and writing a report. We continue to support you as your coach and sparring partner, helping you implement jointly developed measures to achieve your goals. Our experienced Lean consultants work with you to evaluate requirements, advise you through the lens of an external partner with relevant industry experience, and support you with change management throughout implementation.


Our Lean Story is unique–Why not start yours too !


Pilot projects and initial attempts to position the service at Drees & Sommer.

2010 LCM®

We progressively optimized this approach by applying lessons learnt from our extensive project experience.

2015 LDM and LSM

We transferred the Lean approach to planning with Target Value Design and Agile Design Management – and defined it as Lean Design Management (LDM). We integrated takt planning into Lean Site Management (LSM).


We digitized the Lean approach for the construction site and founded a software startup.


Solution before methodology: We are broadly positioned in terms of content, allowing us to use Lean innovatively shape the future of project management.

Success Stories

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