New work: a site for a dream factory

International media group

Every new blockbuster movie takes years of behind-the-scenes work to make, which is why it's important to create an environment where those involved can make the magic happen. So, when their lease ran out on their existing Munich office, an older building that required renovation, a certain famous US-based global media group decided that a change of scene was needed. Their destination was the elegant NOVE office complex. Architect and designer Antonio Citterio took inspiration from the Italian palazzo style for his design, utilizing squares and bridges to connect the various buildings and continuing the theme with high-quality materials and bespoke furniture. Having found the location, the challenge was then to design a workspace within the existing structure that the company could really put their own mark on. The result was a multi-zone open-plan office with a walk of fame celebrating key company milestones and some of its most beloved characters.


Work & Meet

The backbone of the new office is its 400 permanent workstations, which are arranged in zoned, open-plan spaces. The placement of furniture conveys a sense of spaciousness and there is plenty of natural light. In addition, there are meeting rooms of every possible size and type —with various equipment setups—so there is always the right space for the task at hand. A range of inviting quiet areas provide a place to focus without distraction. The expansive conference area is fitted with high-end AV equipment to facilitate co-working with partners in multiple locations and can accommodate major screenings. Four relaxed kitchen areas with multifunctional wooden furniture are perfect for informal conversations. But the real centerpiece of the new office is the Meet & Eat area—a versatile space that can function as a catering area (at specific times), an event space, or a relaxing area.


„Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”

Federico Fellini

Special Features

A 95 m² cinema room to deliver a big-screen movie experience for 40 people, was created in close cooperation with US experts. One building tract, where there is no flow through of staff or public traffic, was identified to provide privacy for sensitive business discussions and ensure confidentiality for “C-level management” whilst remaining committed to the open office concept. Meanwhile, "Channel Rooms" were set up for recording purposes with high-end acoustic treatment and audio equipment. A bridge in the atrium is home to Garden Lounges, which, as well as being in keeping with the architectural theme, provide additional breakout areas for workers.


A cultural shift

The decision by the management team to move away from personal offices at all levels marked an unmistakable shift in corporate culture, led from the top. As part of the change management process, groups of staff across all divisions were involved in shaping the new office through their participation in the vision workshop for example. In addition, a mock-up section of office space was built whilst the design process was underway to test and verify the open office concept. Minor modification were made due to the results from the user testing phase, which then formed the basis for the workplace blueprint and the interior design. When the office was finally opened, workers had guided tours through the new office space as part of move-in celebrations. All in all, the move was a huge success—not least because the project objectives and progress were regularly communicated and due to the fact that there was a genuine appetite for change. The staff were aware of why the business was moving and what the benefits of the new space would be. The new office is more representative of the organisation and is just one of a total of four locations to be based on an overriding set of design guidelines established by our teams in Munich and Milan. Next stop: Zurich.




International media company


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Key Data

Munich, Arnulfpark
Office building
8,600 m²


Munich photos: Peter Neusser
Zurich photos: Arnold Weihs