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Our Alternative Execution Models include complete advice on the procurement of construction services for private- and public-sector clients who have a construction partner.We advise on all structural and technical trades-and sustainability-from execution model initiation, tender document preparation, and conduct of negotiations and strategy to contract award.Clients receive an architectural design from the bidders and a detailed offer for realization.We ensure implementation of the contractually agreed qualities and systems.

As architects, an integrated planning approach is the focus of our activities. From the outset, our designs incorporate all of the principal’s requirements and the resulting specifications for the individual trades. We use this perspective for the overall functional and spatial coordination of our projects. The modular planning approach is the key method for ensuring overall integral quality. We evaluate the quality of a design based on esthetics and the fulfillment of user requirements. Thanks to our expertise in digital planning (BIM), our experienced colleagues ensure high quality of planning – including detailed planning.

Planning projects generate huge volumes of data that have to be brought together at a central point to coordinate contractors and discipline model. Geometric data, data on technical properties, production process timelines, and cost data. Our role is to prepare multidimensional data from major projects for the principal, project management, designers, and most importantly, for overall coordination. BIM coordination feeds this data into the project stages via defined processes.

Blue City-Integrated Urban Solutions offers public-and private-sector clients comprehensive urban and district development know-how.We combine technological, economic and social expertise into customized concepts.For example, our experts link EU taxonomy sustainability requirements with digital solutions for smart cities and put projects on a firm financial footing with professional subsidy advice.You receive holistic, sustainable and economical solutions that combine, for example, infrastructure and building construction measures.

Building Information Modeling is a digital method for the planning, construction project management and operation of buildings. Planning efficiency, quality and certainty are all enhanced, as all players work on the same model – the so-called digital twin – from the outset. As data is continuously processed throughout the entire lifecycle of the building, principals always have all relevant information at their fingertips.

As building physics experts we ensure that statutory sound and thermal insulation requirements are met. We also lay the planning foundations for climate-friendly construction and a high level of user amenity. We work across a range of planning disciplines and help ensure correct realization of planning by contractors on the construction site.

Our building services engineering (BSE) service develops and plans energy-saving, economical concepts for your building. Our teams of experienced BSE experts are accustomed to working across all disciplines. Collaborating with you, the principal, and the architect, we develop and realize sustainable technical solutions that work from the outset.

We provide clients with Claims and Expert Services delivered by industry experts spanning Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our clients benefit from local professionals offering international expert advice on construction and engineering disputes.

Construction logistics makes an important contribution to smooth processes on building sites because their locations in inner cities, works complexes – or even in tourist settings – can create complex and diverse infrastructures and environments. Moreover, a variety of different requirements and approaches can arise which sometimes place extreme demands on the logistics.

With our Construction Management (CM), we provide project management and integral construction management from a single source. We control the planning, awarding and execution of the project according to the client's specifications, taking particular account of the factors of cost, time, quality and good cooperation. The special feature of Construction Management is an all-embracing consulting approach. This approach also includes the expertise of the executing team. With our Lean Management, we coordinate planning and construction processes in the best possible way to optimize building production.

Whether for a new or established building or for building systems equipment – our consulting services cover all your energy issues. We act as the interface between the various architectural planning disciplines, including user analysis, facade, building physics and building services engineering. Our Energy Design team develops sustainable energy concepts that are cost-efficient and have low carbon emissions. Our simulation tools allow rooms, facades and plant & equipment to be analyzed and precisely adapted. We undertake energy and decarbonization audits to identify measures to make your building EU Taxonomy-compliant.

Cut energy consumption and increase functionality – while always maintaining a focus on user needs: Our Energy Management team supports you with energy audits and energy saving checks, operational optimization and energy monitoring for buildings and even entire districts. Our energy management helps you cut costs and conserve resources, making an important contribution to climate protection.

The heat transition will play a crucial role in making the energy transition a success. This requires the restructuring and decarbonization of heat supply infrastructure in municipalities and industry – from conversion and distribution of energy through to its use. Our Energy Infrastructure and Energy Management team can advise you along the entire value chain, ensuring that the green heat transition is a success story for you.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) is a holistic approach to business practice.It measures the impact of business activity on the environment, human coexistence and corporate management beyond purely economic variables.The ESG approach minimizes risks and creates incentives for successful long-term (and therefore sustainable) strategies.We support you with introducing and complying with ESG regulations. We offer a full range of services-from strategic consulting to implementation-oriented sustainability consulting and sustainable finance.

Facade engineering involves the development of facade concepts in close partnership with the principal and architect. Our role is to make the architect’s design more cost-efficient, to ensure the functionality of the facade, and provide cost certainty from the outset. Our engineering is product- and system-neutral – which means that we are in a position to provide competent advice to our customer at any stage of planning.

We help our clients achieve streamlined and efficient processes, as well as a legally bullet-proof real estate and operator organization. They also benefit from optimized investment, operational and lifecycle costs. We develop a coherent overall concept covering organization, processes and IT.

Stringent fire protection regulations, complex requirements for repurposing and late coordination with planners can result in fire protection becoming a cost driver and presenting serious challenges for principals and operators. Using our fire protection expertise, we check whether your property meets requirements. We also assist you with any fire protection and building regulation issues for new buildings and upgrades or conversions. In this way, you benefit from customized fire protection consulting throughout the entire lifecycle of your property.

Our General Construction Management (GCM) team takes over complete responsibility for the execution of your project. We combine project management, planning services and construction management into a complete package, thus ensuring smooth planning and execution processes. In combination with our BIM management service, GCM allows extremely economical planning and execution processes to be realized in a short time.

We advise you on the sustainability of your buildings.The focus is on assisting with green building certifications such as DGNB, LEED, WELL and BREEAM.If you want to have a new or established building certified, we support you from the choice of the right strategy, pre-assessments and quality management during project execution through to the final project audit and provision of documentary evidence.

Ideally, specialist planning competency in building construction disciplines and building services engineering (BSE) must come together to ensure that a building site operates smoothly and that the construction project remains cost-efficient. Integral Construction Management achieves this. Using Lean methodology, we consolidate all construction management services for cost groups 300 (construction works), 400 (BSE) and 500 (external works) into a single service for the entire construction phase – from invitation to tender through to building operation.

In major planning projects, we take on the role of overall coordinator with the goal of fully coordinating the physical and functional interfaces between contractors. Depending on the size of the project, this role may be the responsibility of a single designer or a whole team. We use agile methods and digital tools for coordination and communication, and to track planning progress. Efficient overall coordination plays a key role in ensuring the cost-efficient and successful completion of projects.

In modular planning, we systematically break down individual architectural designs and technical building concepts into modules which – following the example of industrial products – are both integrated and detailed.

Customised spatial concepts which encourage communication, knowledge exchange and innovation. And which focus on the user. That’s our take on a future-proof workplace.

By acting as a professional ‘temporary project department’, Drees & Sommer supports you by undertaking all delegable tasks for the duration of the project. A project organization that is tailored to your requirements and our tried and tested schedule and cost control services combined with quality surveillance ensure cost-efficiency and adherence to the binding overall budget and quality standards within agreed realistic timeframes.

We advise companies on all aspects of their real estate management – for example with regard to organization and processes, governance and control, procurement, workplace solutions, sustainability and digitization.

In service phase 8, generally known as site management, we manage execution planning for cost groups 300 to 500. We create a schedule, document construction progress, and take responsibility for site supervision. We also coordinate cooperation between the contractors involved, inspect and approve building work, and take responsibility for auditing of accounts and cost control. In this way, we ensure the cost-efficient completion of work on schedule and in top quality.

Whether high-rise buildings, airports, railway stations, or bridges – structural engineering is the basis for the design of every building. Structural engineers at Drees & Sommer realize innovative projects – designed to be appropriate for the materials used. Our focus is on developing load-bearing structures using state-of-the-art digital tools and planning processes. We provide our customers with competent, objective advice, while always taking the ecological impact of our work into account.

Technische Due Diligence

Whether purchasing or selling properties, accurate and reliable information is the basis for a successful transaction. Our Technical Due Diligence service provides you with concrete data on the key data and quality of properties, as well as their value enhancement potential, risks and possible deal-breakers. A detailed on-site inspection provides a sound basis for decision-making.

Our project team advises the client and supports planners by providing technical & economic construction consulting. We check planning content for compliance with the functional, qualitative and economic requirements of the project and, if necessary, arrange for revision of the plans, thus ensuring that everything continues to work smoothly after handover.

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  • Construction Management
  • Energy Design
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Infrastructure and Energy Sector
  • ESG consulting
  • Facade Engineering
  • Facility Management Consulting
  • Fire Protection
  • General Construction Management (GCM)
  • Green Building
  • Integral Construction Management
  • Integrated Coordination
  • Modular Planning
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