New Work. User-Centric Consulting & Design

Customised spatial concepts which encourage communication, knowledge exchange and innovation. And which focus on the user. That’s our take on a future-proof workplace. 

We’re the people who produce user-centric, sustainable workplaces. Our team is made up of experts in a variety of disciplines, with many years of experience. We get a creative team together for every individual project who will be with you every step of the way while your new work environment is being constructed


A holistic and user-centric approach

The world of work is moving in a completely new direction, with knowledge work taking place outside of office premises for a while now. The home office has taken over – as have so-called third places – and work is being done sometimes in digital and sometimes in hybrid form. We see this move to new work as a great opportunity to rethink the way we design office spaces: for us, the experts in workplace design, flexible space structures, intelligent workspace concepts and multiple-use solutions are the answer. We combine these functional innovations with design excellence and sustainable materials. That’s how we create attractive spaces which increase team spirit, powers of innovation and, ultimately, your company’s success. 



New Work Transformation ​

What’s going? What’s coming? What’s staying? Together we’ll conduct a systematic walk-through of the change to your company’s workplace. This will pinpoint the strategic areas for action which we’ll use to formulate concrete measures. Your vision of new work will become a set of planning guidelines, which we’ll see through to completion as equal partners.


Brand Experience

Corporate values need to be reflected by your employees. Once they connect those values with an experience – be it real, via media, interpersonal or spatial – they will gradually be instilled in your empoyees as an identity. We create spaces for communication, and communication for spaces.


Workplace Consulting

There is no more “one size fits all”. We believe in every employee having the right to choose the workspace that best suits their needs at that exact moment in time. We’re driven by your company’s and your employees’ needs, so that when we plan your space, decisions can be made that will shape the future.


Interior & Workplace Design​

Places are expressions of identity and culture. We develop custom solutions that not only support your company’s processes and create identity but also pay off when you’re searching for talent. While we’re doing this we combine creative spirit with commonsense planning: while the plans are being executed, we’ll be ensuring that they’re not only adhered to but remain within budget.


Move Management ​

For a move to run smoothly, it has to be carefully planned. From the analysis of the current state, to the timing and costing schedules and the commissioning of contractors. We’ll have our eagle eye on everything and make sure it goes without a hitch.


About us

We form a close partnership with our clients and transform simple offices into places that bring corporate culture to life, stimulate encounters and promote collaboration. Our approach is radically different from the way offices have been designed so far – now they can provide everything that working from home can. As far as we’re concerned, workplace consulting and workplace design are more than a cosmetic measure. They’re a holistic endeavour.


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