Commissioning Management

Commissioning Management

In Life Sciences projects, commissioning costs generally account for between eight and 15 percent of total investment. Systematic commissioning management by Drees & Sommer leads to a significant reduction in both the cost and effort required. As an option, our experts use special 3C Management® (Construction, Commissioning and Compliance) to integrate qualification.

To what extent does commissioning management impact you?

  • Have the time and effort required for commissioning been suboptimal in the past?
  • Do you want to significantly reduce commissioning costs for new plant and equipment?
  • Are you looking for strategies to effectively reduce or completely eliminate defects during commissioning?
  • Do you want a single partner from the outset, thus ensuring high transparency for your project?

You have to address the following points

  • Taking a holistic approach to construction projects
  • Getting products to market quickly
  • Reducing the number of defects and avoiding delays
  • Ensuring an overview of all project participants and their tasks
  • Creating and contractually agreeing a common basis for all project participants

How we approach commissioning management

As a higher-level management tool, Commissioning Management supports those responsible throughout all project phases after project development. The contractor interdependency matrixdefines dependencies and interfaces in the project. And all this is linked to the schedule, providing an overview of the commissioning date at a glance. During planning, we clarify project interfaces and determine stakeholders’ needs. We provide intensive support during the execution phase and closely manage the individual contractors right through to handover to the operator.

The benefits for you

  • Fully functional needs-oriented buildings and plant from day one
  • Minimized project risks, smooth commissioning
  • Faster Start of Production (SOP) with consistently high product quality
  • Transparent mapping of complex interdependencies and critical deadlines
  • Rapid overview of schedule issues and any potential overlaps or collisions that result
  • Reliable unifying factor for the entire project
  • Optional 3C-Management® for early coordination of building and process planning, and of qualification activities. For this we cooperate with an experienced partner

Do you want to know more about commissioning management?

Stefan Göstl Head of Life Sciences