Whether you are looking for a Customized Smart Building, a digitization strategy for your entire portfolio or optimized use of building data, let our digitization experts check your degree of digitization, develop suitable modules, and put them together into a coherent package!

How do digitize your buildings?

  • Do you already have a sound digitization strategy for your company and your property portfolio?
  • How do you respond to tenants’ questions about digital building solutions?
  • How do consolidate and make practical use of data generated by asset, property and facility management?
  • How digital ready are your established buildings? Do you know which investments in digital business models are paying off for you?
  • Would you like a Smart Building – either an established building a new build?

Digital ready: How to get your properties fit for the digital age

How digitally future-proof are your organization and your property portfolio? We’ll find out for you with our Digital Ready Check. We carry this out at an early stage of a project to ensure that a property is developed as a Smart Building to meet its users’ needs.

The Drees & Sommer Expert Team examines criteria such as floor areas, infrastructure and systems for the integration of the digitization modules into your property. This assessment can be carried out for new buildings on the basis of current planning, and for established buildings using existing documents. We also offer the Digital Ready PreCheck for buildings you are considering purchasing. We summarize our findings and make recommendations in a report.

The benefits for you

  • You get a digitization strategy tailored to your company and benefit from the latest technological advances.
  • The Digital Ready Check shows you where you stand with your organization, property or portfolio.
  • The Digital Ready PreCheck shows the degree of digitization of possible acquisitions.
  • You have the right tools available for your property portfolio, providing data that is simple to use.
  • Digital business models allow you tap into new revenue streams in the long term.

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Stefanie Lütteke Head of Property Companies