In-depth analyses and concepts provide you with a sound basis for your projects. We efficiently manage the necessary contract award and approval procedures – as well as planning and construction – and hand over the projects in line with contractual agreements.

Work environments and office concepts

The modern working world requires flexible structures and further development of workplace designs. We ensure user acceptance through efficient communication and the use of change tools. We develop the new work environment based on your values, while keeping functional use, needs-based infrastructure and IT requirements in mind. We devise and implement future-oriented design solutions, in both new and established buildings.

Competitions and processes

Drees & Sommer defines the appropriate process with the client at the outset.  Based on our long experience, we can undertake coordination and management of all necessary services throughout the entire process. This enables us to identify and review both urban planning matters in relation to development, open spaces and use, as well as the specific construction-related technical requirements.

Project control / project management

As a professional ‘temporary project management department’, we undertake the majority of the principal’s tasks on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our approach is integrated, comprehensive and solution-oriented. This ensures cost-efficiency, a binding overall budget, completion to the specified quality, and adherence to realistic timeframes.

Integrated contract management

Slip-ups in planning or tender documents and disruptions in implementation can easily happen during construction projects – and the consequences are often far-reaching. Examples include failure to meet contract deadlines, construction delays, and claims for supplementary costs. Flawless contract documents and construction services and a decisive approach to negotiations cannot be taken for granted, but are essential for successful project execution and goal achievement.

Carbon neutrality

The second summer of heat and drought in a row, combined with the demands of the Fridays for Future movement, have quickly put climate protection high on the political agenda. This means that the public sector also faces the challenge of ensuring carbon reduction / neutrality. Buildings, urban districts and technical infrastructure offer considerable potential for reducing carbon emissions. We help our customers develop a holistic carbon strategy by providing expert advice and innovative approaches.

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