I am a cooperative education student at g² – Part of Drees & Sommer. So I am spending three months in Buxtehude at Hochschule 21 (a private university of applied sciences) and will complete my theoretical phase there. I will then start a three-month practical phase at g². When choosing my company for practical experience, I wanted to experience work on the construction site as closely as possible in order to apply the theory learned at university to building site practice. On October 1, 2019 I started my first semester in an architecture degree program. After a three-month theoretical phase, I went to g² for the practical phase at the beginning of the year. 


I spent the first month on two construction sites. I got to know the construction sites for a new school and for a well-known department store that is being extensively refurbished. I was present during site inspections and discussions, and experienced everyday activity on site. My responsibilities included photo documentation to record the construction process, and undertaking the first surveys. I also gained an insight into the complex scheduling involved in a construction project. 


For me, the first month on the construction site was a complete success. I have seen, learned and understood learned a great deal in just four weeks. I look forward to the other two months of my first practical phase. 

Belke Schröder
Cooperative education student at g² – Part of Drees & Sommer

I think it’s great that, as a student, I was able to participate in every meeting and was taken everywhere – whether to site meetings, team meetings in Hannover, or to training sessions. As a result of these meetings, I learned how the team in Hamburg is structured and how it works, but also how communication and cooperation with the contractors on site functions. 


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