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Double Winner: Awards from ADC for Pop-Up Hotel The Lovelace

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The following video provides an insight into The Lovelace Hotel: RBSGROUP The Lovelace

A place that is more than just a hotel, offering people space in which to meet. Guided by this vision, Cambis Sharegh, Michi Kern, Gregor Wöltje, Lissie Kieser and Alexander Lutz, the partners behind The Lovelace, re-arranged the former management offices into 30 spacious and comfortable hotel rooms and suites, with a choice of different categories. The aim was to preserve the original character of the Bayerische Staatsbank. In the fall of 2017 the pop-up hotel opened its doors as an exciting interim usage project for the building, until 2019 probably. In addition to accommodation, the hotel provides space both for artistic, musical, literary and discussion events and for shops, a coffee shop, restaurant, club, bar and studios. ‘In The Lovelace, we have created a hotel happening with an exceptional atmosphere, something that has never been done before in this way. The design and storytelling of the hotel rooms, which is based on a concept by the RBSGROUP, is also a factor in this respect,’ said Gregor Wöltje, managing partner of The Lovelace.

The Hotel Room as a Stage

The stage is set for the rooms at The Lovelace with a 360° curtain, for example. This frames the space as a stage and helps to enhance the guest experience. Storage space such as shelves and wardrobes is hidden away behind the curtain, while art and city views are prominently showcased. Exhibition rooms, an event room, a rooftop bar, pop-up shops and a 'flying lobby' where food and drinks are served, are all part of the overall concept. ‘The special feature of The Lovelace is the idea that this place will not exist permanently in the form that we are creating. So our job was to combine the identity of the client and the needs of visitors with the existing structures.

With the backdrop of the curated content such as art, literature and music, the idea came about to look at the rooms from a scenographic viewpoint and to turn them into a stage. A stage on which the guests are both observers and actors,’ explained Alexander Strub, consultant at RBSGROUP, an affiliate of Drees & Sommer SE.

Further information on the world's first pop-up hotel with accommodation, cultural program and event areas is available at the Lovelace website.