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Drees & Sommer Presents a Film with a Difference

Drees & Sommer held the premiere of a very special film: it is long (6.5 minutes) and it is different! It is not a glossy promotional film. And this is indicative of the Group’s DNA – what makes the staff get out of bed every morning and what drives them in their projects.

The uniting of opposites is a central theme. Ecology and economics; efficiency and wellbeing; tradition and future; analog and digital – the company unites all these opposites in its daily work to create a world where there is a place for all generations. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach: the blue way. However, the all-important factor in the success of this approach is the individual. With our diverse backgrounds and a wide range of expertise, but the same vision, it is possible to move forward. The new film – THE BLUE WAY Next Exit – aims to encourage people to look again. It  gives people something to think about and motivates them to get involved, and is intended to show that the successful realization of a shared vision is only possible through fun and diversity.

Drees & Sommer has highlighted through this film, the factors that have led the company’s success over the past 50 years, and its vision for the next 50 years, thus showcasing what lies at its heart. In the film, the company’s founder and namesake, Professor Dr. Hans Sommer, reinforces the message that it is high time to get involved in creating a sustainable future.

For Some Messages, Words Alone Are Just Not Enough

Sandra Brand, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing at Drees & Sommer, commented: 'Those who take the time to watch the film will feel the company’s DNA. Our enthusiasm for what we do is hard to convey with just words on a piece of paper, so instead, we are communicating our spirit and our vision by moving images.'

In Project Management, Drees & Sommer is responsible for ensuring that major construction and real estate projects are a long-term success. In its consulting service, it takes responsibility for seeing that the right decisions are taken at the right time to create a livable city or a successful building. Its primary concern – as a climate positive company  – is to keep its focus on sustainability and achieve this more effectively through digital processes.

Sandra Brand explained: 'In practice, this means we want to implement innovative projects that do not create waste, use products that are recyclable according to the Cradle to Cradle principles and, with our great capacity for innovation, take responsibility for creating a built environment that we can hand over to our future generations with a clear conscience. Ecology is high-tech, possible, meaningful – and fun. That is our message.'

Film as a Central Element of a Holistic Communications Concept

The film is just one part of a holistic communications concept being implemented in the company’s anniversary year. There will be no lavish celebration of the 50 years; instead, the anniversary is being marked with 50 sustainable and social projects. Week after week, for each successful year in business, the company is giving back a project (

The film was premiered on June 18, 2020 at an internal digital event with an audience of 3,700 employees, staged by Stuttgart-based film production firm Cinecore GmbH. The film was made over one and a half years, with nine days of shooting in Germany and eight days in Hong Kong. In addition to the company founder Professor Dr. Hans Sommer, the film has a cast of six actors. Roughly 20 hours of raw footage was created during the shoot (8.37 terabytes). Fourteen visual effects artists from five different countries brought the film to life with 85 visual effects – which included a digital bird.

Watch the new film here:

Link: THE BLUE WAY | Next Exit