From location to destination: What potential do your commercial properties hold and how can these assets be future-proofed? That’s what investors who put their trust in the consolidated expertise of Drees & Sommer and Brümmer & Heine. Together they create retail projects with wow factor!

How attractive is your retail destination?

  • Why do people come to your retail destination?
  • Does your destination meet the expectations of visitors and customers?
  • How large is the renovation backlog of your property?
  • How well are you keeping up with online innovations?
  • Are you able to develop the best mix of online and offline shopping for your retail property?

    Have you already thought about the following topics?

    • Clicks and bricks
    • ShoppingTainment
    • Immotail
    • Digitization
    • Business planning
    • Lifestyle hub


    From location to destination

    Every property development needs a solution tailored to the specific market situation. During initial discussions, we explore the context and priorities for the project. We offer two tried and tested work modules for the development of a long-term roadmap for the systematic development of a profitable retail destination:

    Assessment of potential

    • A kick-off workshop with an assessment of the current situation, discussion of the market and strategy – with a group of your employees and experts of Drees & Sommer and Brümmer & Heine.
    • Assessment and idea development with solution scenarios, cooperation ideas, and concepts for differentiation and development.
    • Workshop with presentation, discussion and prioritization of possible development options, elements and/or partners. We jointly define a development vision and any constraining and critical factors.


    As a leading European consulting, planning and project management company, Drees & Sommer has supported building owners and investors for almost 50 years in all questions related to real estate and infrastructure, both digitally and in analog form. The partner-managed company provides all of its services with the goal of combining economic viability and ecology.

    As a long-standing partner of all industry participants around destination development, Brümmer & Heine Group team provides the analysis, the concept and the profitability forecast for all development projects.

    The benefits for you

    • You get an economically viable and future-safe concept tailored to the destination by an expert team.
    • You know the necessary investment and can approach projects systematically.
    • You benefit from the consolidated expertise of Drees & Sommer and Brümmer & Heine.

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    York Friedrich Stahlknecht Head of Retail