Drees & Sommer reagiert auf wachsende Nachfrage mit neuem Standort Asien-Pazifik

Stephan Degenhart

Das internationale Beratungs-, Planungs- und Projektmanagementunternehmen Drees & Sommer eröffnet zusätzlich zu den bestehenden Büros in China einen neuen Standort in Singapur. Dieser soll die steigende Nachfrage internationaler Kunden bedienen, insbesondere in den Bereichen Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung. Der Standort bietet eine Plattform der Zusammenarbeit, um Marktlücken zu identifizieren und konkrete Lösungen für die Herausforderungen der Branche in den Bereichen Planung, Bau und Betrieb zu entwickeln.

The Drees & Sommer Asia Pacific team is backed by a global strength of over 4,000 experts, along with the assistance of external strategic partners and start-ups, to develop and implement new disruptive business models. The regional hub will focus on lean project management solutions, sustainability consulting, technical due diligence, specialising in sustainable innovation.

Stephan Degenhart, Associate Partner, Drees & Sommer and Managing Director Asia Pacific, says: “With our newly opened office in Singapore, we are enhancing our existing presence in Asia. We are excited to come closer to our customers in the region, drawing on our global success record, we bring a winning combination of  German-quality and local expertise to  deliver future-shaping solutions.”

The newly launched hub brings together specialists cutting across various disciplines from the industry as a single interdisciplinary unit. They bring expertise on client advisory services from early feasibility studies all the way to operation and revitalisation of buildings to maximise a comfortable user experience, energy efficiency, sustainability, return on investment, and overall value of assets. The local presence will enable international clients to identify specific gaps,  adapt existing solutions or/and develop new ones tailored to the local market and environment.

Before venturing into Asia Pacific, Stephan Degenhart has been driving key topics in the Middle East for almost 20 years. He explained: “We are operating in an already fast-paced and changing environment, with the ongoing pandemic, the requirement for flexible design, adaptable partnerships and innovative solutions all under one sustainable umbrella has never been greater. Having a local presence is imperative to cater to this need.”

Sascha Hempel, Partner at Drees & Sommer adds: “Drees & Sommer is a client-centric organisation and the focus of the Asia Pacific hub is to bring European-quality standards and expertise to the wider Asian markets by simplifying processes and offering more cost-effective solutions to clients globally.”

Drees & Sommer has been a European leader for over 50 years and has been operational in Asia since 2004. With the current growth rate and high volume of projects in the region, the company anticipates the need for further office locations across the Asia Pacific region in the future.