Expansion of charging infrastructure

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The mobility, drive and energy transitions are resulting in new demands on buildings, businesses, property companies, urban districts and cities. We offer optimal solutions covering every aspect of the increasing demand for electromobility and the many current incentive programs. Drees & Sommer considers the expansion of charging infrastructure (charging stations, wallboxes), smart grids and digitization as one. Our experts aim to develop a holistic approach to sustainable mobility.

Drees & Sommer offers an independent consulting and planning approach that considers smart mobility, charging technology, the smart grid and digitization as one. The requirements of the EU taxonomy and ESG criteria are always taken into account, ensuring that EU requirements and reporting obligations are met. This also opens up the possibilities of green financing models, and – where applicable – optimization of carbon tax.

In this way, we can support our customers with all aspects of smart charging infrastructure and the required power supply and energy storage, as well as digitization.


  • Installation and operating models
  • Sustainability
  • Portfolio
  • Mobility
  • Digitization
  • Site
  • Users and needs
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Installation sites
  • Subsidies
  • Capacities
Concept development/design
  • Positioning and scope
  • Technology and systems
  • Energy concept and load management
  • Cost-effectiveness and operation
  • Phased concept and execution
  • Communication
  • Invitation to tender (technology, construction, operation)
  • Subsidy application
  • Contract award support
  • Schedule and cost control
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Cost controlling
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Renewable energy
  • Reporting


Drees & Sommer’s holistic consulting takes all EU taxonomy requirements and ESG criteria into account. Our team of experts provides support across all service phases to achieve emission-free electromobility operations:

  1. Strategy: We work with you to establish overarching guidelines for the development of a charging infrastructure suited to your needs. We move to the concept and implementation phases based on this.
  2. Analysis: Together with you, we define requirements for a smart charging infrastructure; consider the potential of the property, district or city; research subsidies; and support you in submitting the necessary applications.
  3. Design: We advise you on the expansion of your charging infrastructure and smart grids to enable optimal implementation in terms of space, technology and cost-efficiency. We also clarify the operating model and the digitization strategy with you. 
  4. Implementation: We prepare the invitation to tender and provide support during contract award and the construction of the charging infrastructure, calling on our decades of experience in project management.
  5. Operation: Our experts aim to achieve cost-efficient operation. To achieve this, we use digital tools for targeted collection and evaluation of data. This allows effective control of the charging stations. The focus is exclusively on renewable energy sources.


Drees & Sommer takes a holistic view of the building:
You can rely on a dedicated team of experts with technical expertise and appropriate skills. Our colleagues have many years of experience and in the areas of real estate, urban districts, cities and charging systems. This allows us to implement optimal charging solutions for you and your company.

Drees & Sommer is manufacturer-independent:
Our consulting is customized, neutral and independent. Together with you, we develop future-proof, customized solutions tailored exactly to your needs. We call on strategic partnerships to offer a holistic approach – from design to operation.

Drees & Sommer delivers innovation:
We take new and innovative approaches with new technologies and the smart integration of intelligent load and charging management into buildings. From energy storage and bidirectional charging to booking charging stations and other services via app.