Real estate investment advice

Commercial real estate: increasing space and cost efficiency

Whether on the scale of a large corporation or a small business, real estate is often reduced to the vision of a building with an infrastructure capable of operating and supporting the company's activity. However, it's much more than that: portfolio flexibility, cost optimization, digital transition, site development, new ways of working and sustainable development are just some of the new challenges to which the management of a given company's real estate assets must respond. Simply managing and operating the real estate assets essential to the company's business is no longer enough. Today, Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) enables the targeted identification of potential for increasing the value of real estate and optimizing costs.

We advise companies on all aspects of real estate management: organization and processes, governance and management, procurement, workspace solutions, sustainability and digital transition.

Real estate companies: generating high-yield asset classes

Because the real estate market is subject to complex variables, it is impossible these days to separate organizational and technical aspects from economic and strategic issues. The ability to make visionary decisions means taking all these issues into consideration. Drees & Sommer achieves this by combining management and engineering skills with commercial know-how.


From comprehensive transaction advice to property valuation

Our in-depth profitability analyses form the basis for property rating and management. Using both static and dynamic procedures, Drees & Sommer's experts contribute to portfolio optimization, project development and buying and selling decisions for their clients, and establish a strategy tailored to each company's situation.

When acquiring or selling real estate or land, transparency and in-depth knowledge of the assets involved form the basis of successful transactions. Using proven methods and reliable figures, our technical-commercial due diligence enables you to obtain an objective assessment of a property's qualities. It reveals risks and bottlenecks, as well as potential for added value. At the same time, it enables you to secure the income from your investment.

We take care of project development purchasing for you once the contract has been signed, providing technical supervision throughout the project. At the heart of our approach is the control of contractually agreed quality (Bausoll), transparency in meeting deadlines and clarity in project costs.

Thanks to an ongoing financial audit, preceded by an upstream analysis, we ensure security and transparency prior to the signing of loans, as well as securing ongoing financing for each investor.

We also advise sellers as part of our transaction management, setting up a structured sales process which we then monitor. 

When it comes to valuations, our real estate appraisals are based on nationally and internationally recognized procedures. It is also based on an analysis of real estate values, enabling value-based asset management, notably through comparisons of exchange values and book values.


Details of service modules:

  • Process analysis
  • "Pull" Framework
  • Agile design management
  • SCRUM process for fine-tuned project management
  • Lean logistics management
  • Lean site management


Our added value:

Consistently applied Lean Management methods enable you to reach your goal faster, with considerably lower costs and higher quality. Give your design and construction processes a boost while remaining efficient: you're a winner all round!

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