Customized Smart Buildings

Many digital innovations are now in everyday use: parking management, workstation reservation, hotel room reservation or electric vehicle reservation. However, it is not the integrated technologies or the number of sensors that make a Smart Building valuable, but the added value for its users. Project Managers must therefore take into account the nature of the building's future users, identify their expectations and adjust the project's digital services accordingly.



  • Meeting users' expectations
  • Preventing security breaches
  • Protecting data
  • Preventing cyber attacks
  • Allowing regular updates
  • Avoiding high costs
  • Prevent the building from being technologically outdated at completion

At Drees & Sommer, we do not see digital technologies as an end in themselves. What matters most to us is to improve processes and user experience, to ensure the sustainable operation of the property and to enable new business models to take hold. Our Customised Smart Buildings are designed to meet the exact requirements of their future users. They are able to ensure process reliability, intervene in case of failure and guarantee economic and ecological added value for all stakeholders involved in the project.  



  • Defining the digital requirements of your construction project
  • Providing comprehensive energy and cost efficiency solutions
  • Providing a targeted cost-benefit analysis focused on the digital transition
  • Managing the supply chain
  • Providing artificial intelligence solutions
  • Analysing data and optimisation processes

In close cooperation with our clients, our specialist teams create a tailor-made digital strategy. In particular, we support them in the development of new business models, in the design of their project, during the construction phase and right through to commissioning. Throughout this process, we ensure that we meet our clients' expectations, respect their business models, remain flexible to possible market changes and reveal the company's potential. We partner with established players in the construction and real estate industry, but we also work with young start-ups so that we can tap into the most innovative technologies at all times. We always have in mind to improve the experience of our clients and all those involved in the project.
Customized Smart Buildings are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. They have a sort of central “Brain”, which is able to learn from the habits of the users and to constantly adapt to individual uses. While meeting the highest safety standards, the Brain connects all the technical installations with a number of data (design, operating and usage) collected by sensors. This ensures that the processes within the building run smoothly. For example, the system is able to identify unused areas where heating or air conditioning is not required and to shut down the installations automatically.

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