School buildings and research institutes face many challenges and trends: sustainable development, digital transition, new mobility, demographic changes.


Education and research buildings must also respond to the challenges of diversity, lifelong learning, internationalisation, integration and inclusion.

Any ambitious project that raises unusual questions requires a comprehensive approach to advice and support. Our experts know exactly how to combine their construction know-how with the specific requirements of this sector. With our interdisciplinary teams of experts, whose construction know-how is combined with extensive experience in the sector, we provide you with optimal support for your educational and research building project.

Here is a selection of our projects in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Greater Region.


From the nursery to the particle gas pedal FUTURE INNOVATION SPACES for the small and large innovators of tomorrow.

Whether it's digital transformation, sustainable educational buildings or innovative design concepts: the education industry of the future will have to reconcile many different requirements. Our education specialists and partners provide our clients with an innovative range of services that is unique in terms of breadth and depth of advice:

Trends and opportunities: What should education and research be prepared for in the future

Which trends are influencing the education sector?

Education, science, and research are shaped by social influences more than any other industry. For instance, demographic changes are reshaping the form of educational institutions. The number of future kindergarten children, students, trainees, and learners will vary greatly from region to region, necessitating adjustments in the regional provision of educational institutions in many places. The type of teaching and learning, with a focus on gamified education, will likely have a significant impact on the planning and implementation of educational buildings in the future.

Does sustainability play a role in the education sector?

Absolutely. Not only will education focus more on sustainable concepts, but buildings also need to be planned and constructed primarily according to sustainability principles. Whether it's photovoltaics, air filters, or the use of recyclable materials, it's the only way to develop a healthy indoor climate. The result is sustainable well-being spaces in which the users enjoy staying.

Can existing school and university buildings also be optimized?

Our experts assist clients in the public sector and private institutions from the initial idea to implementation and operation, covering requirements and overall planning. This also means utilizing a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to precisely examine the renovation options that existing buildings offer. We consider all factors: What are the structural and legal requirements? What is the most economically viable option, renovation or new construction? Whether it's developing educational concepts for modern learning and research environments, conducting comprehensive user needs analyses, or providing advice on potential grants, our services are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


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Conny Laubach Pedagogical manager Luxembourg