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The recipe for cost-effective life science and pharmaceutical buildings: advice based on experience and expertise in the requirements of good pharmaceutical practice to meet the hygiene and safety standards of pharmaceutical, medical and medical biotechnology technology.

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major changes. One of the effects of these changes is the increased global orientation of its activities. New production facilities are also needed beyond national borders in order to further open up international sales channels. Countries that were not previously the focus of attention are becoming important sales markets for the industry. Country-specific characteristics - in addition to project-specific characteristics - must be reflected in an integrated overall schedule and cost structure. This is why the Drees & Sommer life sciences team also travels abroad and has supported projects in South America, Indonesia and Russia, among others.



Pharmaceutical and medical technology as well as biotechnology are very heterogeneous fields grouped under the name of Life Sciences. Our products and solutions are designed to help companies in this sector to carry out their projects safely. Despite all the specificities of the processes and results, we ensure that all our products are cost-effective, digital, sustainable and innovative.



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