The Digital Ready Check

Digital advances are constantly changing the expectations of real estate and the evaluation criteria associated with it. In the upcoming years, profitability will increasingly be measured by a building's connectivity, digital and IT infrastructure, networks, IT security, data protection and sustainability.


  • How digital should my building be?
  • What data do I need for profitable operation? Can they be collected by my building and made available to me?
  • Do I have all the necessary data for ESG reporting?
  • Is the building infrastructure compatible with wider networking?
  • What are the essential components for the digital transition of my building?
  • Is my IT infrastructure compatible with IoT (Internet of Things) and future telecommunications? 
  • Can my building withstand a penetration test?
  • What new business models can come from my building?

If you have already asked yourself one or more of these questions, the Digital Ready Check by Drees & Sommer may provide the answers you need.

It is not the number of sensors that counts in an intelligent building, but rather its added value for the user. This should be based on a digital strategy that we will develop with you. To ensure that your property is designed and used according to your needs, our digital transition experts check the prerequisites (IT and technical infrastructure, networking, cyber security, etc.) according to their digital readiness.


Step 1

Drafting of a building description sheet containing all the essential information on each object.

Step 2

Examination of the building or district according to a comprehensive catalogue of criteria including connectivity, technical infrastructure and interfaces (networking, cyber security, etc.).

Step 3

Assessment of the building against criteria for digital readiness.

Step 4

Synthesis in a detailed report containing a first list of recommendations for the implementation of the digital strategy. 

This review can be carried out for new buildings at the design stage, for existing buildings or for property portfolios on the basis of available documents or data collected specifically on site.


The collection of building data during the Digital Ready Check is done by a digital application provided by Drees & Sommer. This application saves time and efficiency in data collection, particularly in the case of a whole portfolio. You reduce the workload of the property manager and the site manager.

The collected content can be validated individually and can also be used for broader data collection for specific purposes. All data collected is processed by our experts and integrated into a report that meets your exact requirements.

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