Real estate investment advice


Because the real estate market is subject to complex variables, it is impossible these days to separate organisational and technical aspects from economic and strategic issues.
Visionary decision-making requires the consideration of all these issues. Drees & Sommer achieves this by combining management and engineering skills with commercial know-how in a targeted manner.

When buying or selling real estate or land, transparency and in-depth knowledge of the property are the basis for successful transactions. With the help of proven methods and reliable figures, our commercial-technical due diligence enables you to obtain an objective assessment of the qualities of a property. It reveals risks and bottlenecks, as well as value-added potential. At the same time, it enables you to secure the income from your investment.

We take care of the purchase of project development for you after the signature of the contract by monitoring the project technically throughout. Our focus is on monitoring the contractually agreed quality (Bausoll), transparency in meeting deadlines and clarity in project costs.

Thanks to a permanent financial audit, preceded by an upstream analysis, we ensure security and transparency prior to the signing of credits as well as the securing of ongoing financing for each investor.

In addition, we advise sellers as part of our transaction management by setting up a structured sales process which we then monitor. 

Our comprehensive profitability analyses form the basis for the rating and management of real estate. Using static and dynamic procedures, the experts at Drees & Sommer contribute to the optimisation of the portfolio, to the development of projects and to the decisions on the purchase or sale by their clients and establish a strategy tailored to the situation of each company.

In the field of valuation, property valuation is based on nationally or internationally recognised procedures. It is also based on an analysis of the value of real estate which allows for value-based asset management, including comparisons of exchange values and book values.


We establish lean and efficient processes for you and help you to set up legally stable real estate and corporate organisations. We also help you to benefit from lower investment, operating and life cycle costs. We create a coherent overall plan for your organisation, processes and IT equipment.


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