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Regardless of their nature or destination, real estate is designed for a specific purpose. Built and operated for a specific period of time, it must be able to adapt to new requirements. Whether it is investment property or real estate for business use and operations, Drees & Sommer's Facility Management Consulting focuses on three areas: people, processes and the environment. Through their experience, our experts offer targeted advice to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency in the long term.

Our tailor-made strategy and strategic implementation consultancy combines business consultancy methods with the experience gained from our projects. In doing so, we select experts who are specialised in our clients' industries. We develop strategies and concepts specifically for them. But we are also able to support their implementation.

We help our clients to define economical and efficient processes as well as an operational and solid real estate and legal organisation. We also help them to optimise their investment, operating and life cycle costs by developing a comprehensive and consistent concept for their entire organisation, processes and IT structure.



The digital transition applied to Facility Management opens up a lot of potential: reducing costs, saving time and increasing quality. A CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) system contributes to greater transparency and efficiency in property management. It allows for better inclusion and cooperation of all stakeholders and, through a solid and comprehensive database, offers the keys to successful facility management. However, companies must be aware of the CAFM systems on the market, how these systems can meet their specific needs and how to make full use of them.

Our advice is independent. We are committed to finding the IT solution that is best suited to our clients' property management processes and that can be most easily integrated into often heterogeneous IT environments. We provide our clients with objective and independent information by delivering an inclusive strategy, use cases, specifications and an implementation concept.

Starting from the company's strategy, and more specifically its real estate strategy, we highlight the main characteristics that the chosen IT solutions should have. In addition, we carry out an analysis of the pre-existing IT environment. We assess the costs and benefits to help make the decision. We translate the requirements into a specification and support our clients from the tender stage through to the award of the contract and implementation of the chosen system.


  • Organisational and process consulting
  • Legal organisation and liability of operators
  • Cost reduction programmes and market research
  • Sourcing and implementation of real estate services integrated into clients' core processes
  • Quality and provider auditing/monitoring of providers
  • Real estate IT consulting (SAP, ERP, CAFM)
  • Designing and building in accordance with facility management
  • Implementation concepts and strategic plans
  • Construction Data Management and BIM Consulting
  • Life Cycle Engineering and portfolio assessments
  • Sustainable development and environmental management


We help you to define economical and efficient processes as well as a functioning and solid real estate and legal organisation. In addition, we help you to optimise your investment, operating and life cycle costs by developing a comprehensive and consistent concept for your entire organisation, processes and IT structure.


European FM Provider Report

The ‘European FM Provider Report’, a joint project between Drees & Sommer and RICS, is a study that explores the market coverage of the major Facility Management providers operating in Europe and facilitates transparency for all market players.

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