General Construction Management


“Pharaonic" construction projects rarely get good press, especially when the client is a public player.

The reasons why large projects fail are well known. All too often they ignore user paths; the organisation of the Project Management and responsibilities are unclear; the design is incomplete. Planned costs are usually within the desired budget, but are rarely based on reliable estimates and do not take sufficient account of risks. In the execution phase, the design and construction processes come up as inefficient. Projects drag on. Cumbersome permit procedures delay or even stop projects. Finally, those responsible for a project underestimate the importance of sufficient transparency and fail to recognise the value of public acceptance of the project.

Normally, even a single one of these elements is enough to derail any complex project. If they add up, the problems become more serious. However, it is possible to avoid the worst: problems, if known, they are usually solvable, as long as all concerned stakeholders place the common interest above their own.

Drees & Sommer's practical Project Management experience shows that it is possible to carry out large projects while guaranteeing quality, costs and deadlines. However, an ideal process can only be guaranteed if the client is prepared to create the following prerequisites: define clear objectives, stick to his goals, set up a rigorous organisation, make clear and rapid decisions in accordance with the preliminary work.


With General Construction Management (GCM), we give our clients peace of mind, as we take over the entire construction project by combining Project Management, design and site management in one service, without stepping on each other's toes.

Using Lean Construction Management (LCM), we make the planning and execution processes flow. Combined with BIM management, LCM enables cost-effective design and construction processes to be achieved in a very short time.

We put together a planning team very quickly and ensure that the architect is integrated into the GCM team as a partner. In this way, our clients have a single point of contact throughout the entire project.





We turn your building project into a product that is designed according to your wishes, without any unpleasant surprises. The trust you place in our expertise and in that of our partners is reflected in low construction costs, deadlines met and guarantee of high quality.


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