Dismantling and repurposing of power plants

Dismantling and repurposing of power plants

The energy transition is resulting in the gradual decommissioning and dismantling of many nuclear and coal-powered power stations. In addition to the challenges that this complex and often lengthy work entails, the future use of the buildings and sites has to be decided. Drees & Sommer expert teams support power plant operators with this difficult decision-making process.

What challenges do you face?

  • Is your power plant is being decommissioned or repurposed? What economically viable options are open to you? 
  • Do you need consulting, tendering, organizational and management resources for the power plant dismantling project? 
  • Are you looking for powerful digital tools and methods to ensure optimal management of the complex and protracted process?


Our experts can provide the answers you need

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the key tool our teams use for this purpose. BIM allows consolidation of all data in one model and the digital networking of processes, products and stakeholders. The benefits this brings for planning, organization and implementation mean faster, safer project execution. 

A ‘digital twin’ also allows access to a freely expandable range of information, such as hazardous materials and incidents. Extensive databases also provide a fast overview of material flows. 

For operators examining the possibility of repurposing a power plant site, Drees & Sommer provides support by preparing master plans, feasibility studies and 3D visualizations. In this context, our experts identify economically sustainable scenarios for the future use of a site following (partial) demolition.

The benefits for you

  • Expert teams with practical experience relieve the burden on your staff 
  • High level of competence with methods and tools such as BIM 
  • Specific know-how for complex scheduling 
  • Support with contract management and construction coordination 

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