Integrated Factory Planning

Integrated Factory Planning

Climate change, resource shortages, rising labor costs and supply bottlenecks – the age of digitization and the ever-increasing pace of change in markets are resulting in numerous challenges. Cost-efficient production is essential to remaining fit for the future in this complex environment. Because that is the only way for companies to establish and expand their market position in the long term.

By using our Integrated Factory Planning approach in collaboration with our customers, we create manufacturing solutions that enable sustainable and highly cost-efficient production.

Close dovetailing and highly precise coordination between production and industrial construction planning result in an optimally balanced factory that sets new standards in areas such as flexibility, digitization, efficiency and sustainability.


Our services, which are available as required, rangefrom the analysis of the product to the development of suitable digitization and automation strategies, planning support and efficient construction to turnkey commissioning and digital operation. When it comes to Integrated Factory Planning, we always start from the inside and work out. This means that we always keep the focus on your product and design the buildings to suit your production. We also support you as you ramp up production, ensuring stable series production.

We use the latest technologies and work on future-oriented approaches such as the digital twin, because the use of intelligent software not only increases transparency and reusability, but above all facilitates optimization and control of factory and logistics processes. The use of digital twin technology not only makes factory processes more efficient and therefore more competitive, but also leads to a lasting reduction of energy consumption and emissions.We ensure maximum added value – whether you choose a complete package or individual service modules. Services such as carbon neutrality, Cradle to Cradle®, digital twin, Smart Factory and modular construction are fully taken into account along the entire the value chain. And all from a single source.


  • We develop a holistic vision of your factory in a joint workshop with you.
  • We support you with your site search and with supply chain analysis.
  • All relevant stakeholder requirements for the product, process, resources and building are captured in a user requirements specification.
  • During the concept and planning support phases, we determine the configuration of the production and assembly facilities including the associated logistics processes. We also establishthe prerequisites for a smart and adaptable factory and examine the importance and impact on people.

We deliver a digital model of the production facilities and the buildings as well as specifications suitable for an invitation to tender.
Systematic supplier and project management on our part ensures the achievement of cost, quality and deadline targets with regard to conveyor, plant and production engineering, logistics and warehousing, and the building.


  • You get optimal layouts as well as early deadline and cost security.
  • You get as much standardization as possible, as much customization as necessary. That is how we reconcile sustainability and cost effectiveness.
  • You can find out as early the planning phase when production can begin. Our communication is responsible, transparent and binding.
  • Tender requests, contract design, seamless construction and production schedules as well as remuneration models guarantee the success of the project.
  • Following commissioning of suppliers, we support you with design and production in order to implement your specific requirements. In doing so, we keep your requirements and principles for efficient spare parts management in mind.
  • We support your start of production (SoP) and ramp-up, and as well as continuous process optimization during operation.
  • In keeping with the principles of Industry 4.0, we develop innovative and creative solutions to increase the degree of automation of your logistics and production processes
  • Our specialists cover all essential areas of the digitized factory, from production and logistics processes, conveyor technology and structural steelwork to plant mechanics and control technology.
  • We always take an integrated approach to planning and implementation.This allows us to avoid the usual friction losses at the interface between the production and industrial construction work.

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