Collaborations, networks and partnerships play a key role in the world of tomorrow. In our current time, we are witnessing megatrends that deeply impact our society, communication, collaboration and the way we live and build our cities.

We have established an ecosystem of individuals that thrive on change: A mix of corporates, investors, property companies, architects, engineers, municipalities and occupiers/residents. This exclusive group of experts and game changers keep an eye on the future, aware of the risks and challenges we will be facing. They are motivated to be part of a solution that positions us as leaders and innovators. Driven by sustainability, digitization and preparedness to adapt to changing future trends - we redefine urban district development for cities.

It may be unclear how Europe is positioning itself in the global competitiveness of future living, but it has tremendous potential to be the focus for the real estate sector. The world is changing and Europe has to adapt to it.


Re-Building Europe – Towards a future shaping ecosystem

Our partners

Our journey

At the end of march we kicked off the Re-Building Europe journey to discover the paradigm shift in urban district development. With an exclusive group of 45 guests and our partner and host Schneider Electric we gathered at several locations in Paris to experience vibrant discussions and workshops regarding our defined topic.

Kick-Off in PARIS 29. - 30. March, Hosted by Schneider Electric
Workshop in BARCELONA 7. June, Hosted by laSalle
Workshop in MILAN 8. July, Hosted by LAND
Workshop in BERLIN 18. August, Hosted by EUREF Campus
Workshop in BASEL 29. August, Hosted by Canton City of Basel
Workshop in OSLO 29. October, Hosted by SwissLife
Final Forum in London Supported by British Embassy in Berlin and UK Science and Innovation Network

Our Statements

Moving forward together

“The European Union is united in diversity, which implies unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation. We Europeans do not strive to be the same, and that is our value and our uniqueness.” 

Dr. Orna Rosenfeld, Global Advisor on Housing and Urban Affairs


How will the demands of customers change in the future? What are the expectations that the users will develop on living comfort, sustainability of materials and digitalisation?

Which criteria do cities and their neighbourhood/districts need to fulfil to be a sustainable investment? How can we assure that the building, districts and cities conform to the ESG norms?

How can architecture and engineering accomplish sustainable constructions that are also comfortable living areas? What role will design play in the future?

In what way can the public sector support urban district developments? How can we involve residents in the development and increase participation of all parties?

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