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International primary school in Differdange


Administration Communale de Differdange


Differdange, Luxembourg


Bruck + Weckerle Architekten

Project duration

September 2018 – December 2023

The municipality commissioned Drees & Sommer Luxembourg to coordinate and control the project management. Drees & Sommer Luxembourg is also taking care of quality, cost and planning management and implementing the lean process. The primary school complements the two existing buildings: the temporary structure and the lycée.
The organisation of the primary school is based on a functional scheme that takes into account the construction programme on the one hand and the specific urban planning situation on the other. The building is part of the school campus that forms the transition between the town of Differdange and the Chiers Park.  The public, international primary school will accommodate 375 primary school pupils and 60 children from the early education programme. It will be run as an all-day school. It is also planned as an integrated project with the Service d'Education et d'Accueil (SEA). Most of the rooms as well as the ancillary rooms and sanitary facilities will be shared in synergy between the school and the out-of-school care centre. 
The project is scheduled for completion in December 2023.

Added values

  • Relief for the client in daily business
  • Safeguarding construction interests vis-à-vis project participants, authorities and public agencies


  • Project management 
  • Quality management 
  • Cost management 
  • Planning management
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