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Office Buildings

World Trade Center Towers, Brussels


  • Intégration des spécifications de l'économie circulaire 
  • Identification des matériaux et solutions disponibles
  • Collaboration avec les entreprises pour fournir des solutions innovantes
  • Soutien à la démolition selon le C2C
  • Mise en œuvre du passeport matériel
  • Proposition pour des écosystèmes efficaces

Additional value

  • Advice on Sustainability
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Material Passport


  • Integration of circular economy specifications
  • Identification of available materials and solutions
  • Collaboration with companies to provide innovative solutions
  • Demolition support according to C2C
  • Implementation of the Material Passport
  • Proposal for efficient ecosystems

Befimmo S.A.


Brüssel, Belgien

Project duration

September 2017 - April 2023

The "ZIN" project, developed by "Befimmo" and"Open Minds", consists of the renovation of towers 1 and 2 of the Brussels World Trade Center. At the end of the project, the multifunctional space of the ZIN will accommodate offices, co-working spaces, housing and hotel services on 110,000 m². One of the strong ambitions of this project has been to integrate the concept of circular economy, through the inventory and reuse of a maximum of materials as well as the "Cradle to Cradle" certification.  A major part of the existing materials will be either retained,reused on other sites or recycled. Drees & Sommer supports this project with Cradle to Cradle consulting. 

© Befimmo/Jaspers-Eyers/51N4E/L'AUC
© Befimmo/Jaspers-Eyers/51N4E/L'AUC
© Befimmo/Jaspers-Eyers/51N4E/L'AUC