Digital Ready Check

Advancing digitization and Industry 4.0 are fundamentally changing requirements for the design and operation of factories. In the future, there will be a greater focus on networking between production and building services equipment to ensure efficient processes. Due to their high complexity, all the different factors must be analyzed using a 360° approach: Connectivity (mobile phone, WLAN, process radio networks, radio frequency registers), digital systems and building services equipment, data centers, cybersecurity, GDPR, and sustainability.

What digital challenges do you face?

  • How digital and networked do yourproduction, logistics and office buildings have to be?
  • What data is required for cost-efficient operation? Can the buildings and production systems provide the required data?
  • Will you get all the data you need for sustainability reporting?
  • Is the building services equipment suitable for higher-level networking?
  • Which digitization modules are best suited to your needs?
  • Is your IT infrastructure fit for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the media technology of the future?
  • Would your buildings withstand a penetration test?
  • How can processes be optimized through digitization of Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)?

The Drees & Sommer Digital Ready Check gives you all the answers you need

In a smart production building, it’s not the number of sensors that matters, but the added value for the company, its customers, employees and service providers. So the design is always based on a digitization strategy: To ensure that a property or production site is developed and used in line with your needs, we check the existing technology (IT and technical infrastructure, networking capability, cybersecurity, etc.) in terms of its digital readiness.


Step 1

Creation of a product/production/building profile with all essential information about the production site

Step 2

Analysis of the product and production with regard to Industry 4.0 and checking of the building/production site against a comprehensive catalog of criteria, including the areas of connectivity, technical infrastructure, and interfaces.

Step 3

Assessment of the product/production/building/production site against defined criteria for digital readiness.

Step 4

Summary of the results in an explanatory report with an initial list of recommendations as the basis for alignment with the digitization strategy and its implementation.

The benefits for you

  • Efficient collection of data using an app provided by Drees & Sommer.
  • Reduction of your Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) team’s workload
  • Digitization concepts that focus on the added value for the company, its customers, employees and service providersand not on the number of sensors installed

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