Facility Management Consulting

Above all, the operation of a property should be economical. In this respect, digitization is an important facility management tool. This applies to property companies as well as to companies that use their properties to conduct their core business. 

Maximum flexibility, sustainability and efficiency

Regardless of their type and use, buildings are designed and built for a specific purpose and operated over a long period based on different requirements. This is true irrespective of whether the building is an investment property or used by an owner-occupier to support the company’s core business. Facility Management Consulting focuses on the three Ps: People, Processes and Places. Our experts ensure maximum flexibility, sustainability and efficiency through practice-oriented consulting.

Our customized strategy and implementation consulting combines practical technical expertise with management consulting methods. Here we rely, among other things, on our own experts from the respective industries. We develop strategies and concepts – and are happy to be judged on operational implementation and the actual results of our work.

We help our clients achieve streamlined and efficient processes, as well as a legally bullet-proof real estate and operator organization. They also benefit from optimized investment, operational and lifecycle costs. We develop a coherent overall concept covering organization, processes and IT.


CAFM: Cost-efficiency booster for building management

Digitization of Facility Management offers great potential, cutting costs, reducing the time and effort required for tasks, and increasing quality. A computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system also brings transparency and efficiency to building management. It ensures integration and collaboration of all stakeholders and creates a reliable integrated database as the basis for successful Facility Management, provided that companies are aware of the CAFM systems currently available on the market, and can align these with their specific requirements and use them to maximum effect.

As independent digitization consultants, we are dedicated to finding the IT solution that best supports our clients’ real estate management processes – one that fits the often disparate IT environment. We provide our clients with objective and system-independent consulting – including strategy, use cases, requirements specification, and an implementation concept!

We develop key features for a future IT solution based on the client’s corporate and real estate strategy. To this end, we analyze the existing application landscape, evaluate costs and benefits as a basis for decision-making, translate requirements into a specification, and support our clients from the invitation to tender and contract award through to implementation.


European FM Provider Report

The ‘European FM Provider Report’, a joint project between Drees & Sommer and RICS, is a study that explores the market coverage of the major Facility Management providers operating in Europe and facilitates transparency for all market players.