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A wide range of services, a strong focus on sustainability, and investments in its own future viability: based on these key success factors, Drees & Sommer SE has further improved its business performance. Drees & Sommer announces an increase in international revenue to €574.5 million in 2021, an eleven percent increase compared to the previous year. Operating profit of €68.8 million exceeded the previous year's level by 20 percent.

Steffen Szeidl, CEO of Drees & Sommer SE, attributes this good result primarily to the company's own resilience, in addition to prudent planning in 2020 and cost savings resulting from reduced travel: "Our organization has a strong will to innovate and change. This is the basis of our resilience. Furthermore, through joint research and close cooperation with our clients and commercial partners as well as promising startups, we are driving forward the digital and climate-friendly transformation of the real estate sector."

The spokesperson for Drees & Sommer emphasizes that the combination of ecology and economy in all construction and real estate projects in which the company is involved will also determine the group's future actions. He adds: "In the years to come, we will focus on how to make established structures in cities more sustainable." Green, intelligent, and high-quality living - that is the triad of objectives for a livable world for future generations. To limit soil sealing and land consumption, it is necessary to further promote short paths and compact cities, where living, working, and leisure meet.

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