We offer you a turnkey solution. Integrated industrial planning enables an optimal symbiosis between industrial design and production planning. We always start the design process from the product. In this way, we ensure that the new references required for your production are in place. Whether it is a complete service or individual production units, we ensure that value creation is maximised. If you wish, we can integrate criteria such as carbon neutrality, Cradle to Cradle® or BIM.


  • We work together on a feasibility study that includes the product, production and the industrial building.
  • As soon as the green light is given to the project, we start the pre-design phase, which leads to the delivery of a building design specification, a facility specification sheet and eventually the user specification.
  • On the basis of the specifications, we launch the design phase and assemble the tender documents.
  • As soon as possible, we integrate modular design and construction.

Your Benefits

  • You get optimal renderings as well as a quick guarantee of compliance with costs and deadlines.
  • We offer you standardised procedures where possible and customised solutions where necessary. In this way, we balance the sustainability of the project with its cost-effectiveness.
  • From the design phase onwards, you know when production can start. We provide you with relevant information in a transparent manner and we keep our promises. 
  • Market research, contracting, reliable construction and production schedules as well as remuneration models are key to the success of a project.
  • After the start of production (SoP), we stay by your side during the initial phases up to full capacity and follow up on the optimisation of the current management.


We are happy to answer your questions.

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